Texture Pattern

Flat and boring is out -- texture is in. Fire up your creativity by checking out what these design experts have to say about creating texture patterns.

A pattern is either right or wrong...it is no stronger than its weakest point.
William Morris

Any designer who does not appreciate or know about good food is not a very good designer. The planning of a meal and it presentation - the texture, the color, the tastes, the hot and cold temperatures - are the same concerns that affect an environment.
Robert Kime, Architectural Digest

Contemporary paintings and sculpture are happy with furniture of the past. Fabrics of contemporary colors and textures and suitable and appealing on old chairs. Old patterns seem excitingly fresh when rejuvenated by a contemporary palette. Modern lighting and ventilation enhance otherwise traditional rooms.
Eleanor McMillen Brown, Sixty Years of Interior Design

Do not be afraid of large patterns, if properly designed they are more restful to the eye than small ones: on the whole, a pattern where the structure is large and the details much broken up is the most useful...very small rooms, as well as very large ones, look better ornamented with large patterns.
William Morris

Great blends of pattern, like great dishes, must be carefully tasted. And constant tasting is what teaches a cook how to taste.
Billy Baldwin

If there is a reason for keeping the wall very quiet, choose a pattern that works all over without pronounced lines...Put very succinctly, architectural effect depends upon a nice balance of horizontal, vertical and oblique. No rules can say how much of each; so nothing can really take the place of feeling and good judgement.
William Morris

It is to the client's advantage and also the architect's, to have a trained and experienced decorator with both technical knowledge and an understanding of interior architectural detail so as to be able to assemble intelligently the proper textures, colors, furniture and objects to make a consistent room. If all these things are taken into consideration in the original planning...a great many difficulties can be anticipated.
Eleanor McMillen Brown, Interior Architecture and Decoration

No pattern should be without some sort of meaning.
William Morris

The basic rules of proportion and scale are unchanging. They are reinterpreted according to the needs of the time. I like simplicity and I believe in restraint. Above all, there should be harmony-of proportion, line, color, and feeling. The most important element in decorating is the relationship between objects- in size, form, texture, color, and meaning. None of these is in good taste in itself but only in relationship to where it has been placed and what purpose it is to serve.
Eleanor McMillen Brown

The selective eye must be an experienced eye, an eye that knows the genuine pleasures of harmonious colors and textures, of sensitive line and proportion, of the play in contrasts of light and shade. The selective eye must see beyond immediate limitations, recognize possibilities that a fertile imagination suggests, and translate the difference between the genuine and the false.
Michael Taylor, The Finest Rooms

To be successful, a room must contain the element of contrast - in forms as well as in colors and textures.
Michael Taylor, The Finest Rooms

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