See how decorators use light to create drama and excitement where dull and drab were formerly found.

...We need space that liberates us from terra firma, allowing our spirits to soar and our imaginations to take flight.
John Saladino

A vase of flowers or greens will bring even a dull hotel room to life in the most delightful way. The small amount of trouble or expense involved is honestly repaid in real decorative effect. If you find cut flowers too extravagant, stick to the greens. Laurel, rhododendron leaves, huckleberry or pine will all last many days, even weeks.
Dorothy Draper

Always make a dark room darker. You can paint a dark room white, but it will still be dark...give it atmosphere with deep intense colour that works well in artificial light.
Roger Banks-Pye, Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations

Any room, whatever its size, looks better with many little pools of light rather than a general glare. I like intimate low light just where and when you need it.
Roger Banks-Pye, Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations

Color is a major element in scale. A small room can have a larger look by the use of closely related values, hues, and intensity. A large room can be made to look smaller by marked contrasts of color and value, hue, and intensity. Value is one of the most important elements. Whether light or dark, little value contrast makes for unity, and sharper contrast makes for stronger punctuation.
Van Day Truex, Interiors, Character, and Color

Contemporary paintings and sculpture are happy with furniture of the past. Fabrics of contemporary colors and textures and suitable and appealing on old chairs. Old patterns seem excitingly fresh when rejuvenated by a contemporary palette. Modern lighting and ventilation enhance otherwise traditional rooms.
Eleanor McMillen Brown, Sixty Years of Interior Design

Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.
Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer

I don't believe anything can do as much for a room as a glowing fire in an attractive fireplace. Men and dogs love an open fire - they show good sense. It is the heart of any room and should be kindled on the slightest provocation.
Dorothy Draper

I never think that sticking slavishly to one period is successful, a touch of nostalgia adds charm. One needs light and shade because if every piece is perfect the room becomes a museum and lifeless.
Nancy Lancaster, English Country House Style

In my view, no space without natural light is worthy of human occupation.
John Saladino

Mirrors have come to mean much more than the original 'looking glass.' They are now a part of the decorative scheme of a modern home. By using them, there are no dark, gloomy corners, no drab caverns for halls. There can be a feeling of freedom, light, air, space.
Dorothy Draper, Seventy-Seven Recipes for Mirrors in Today's Livin

The magic of candlelight, the most subtle of all, is an exquisite addition to any and all lighting.
Robert Kime, Architectural Digest

There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.
Billy Baldwin, Ruby Ross Wood

With the many new methods of illumination, a decorator has to be careful to not overdo lighting. This is an easy trap for a designer to fall into - going too far in dramatizing interiors. Dramatic lighting will photograph well, but that doesn't always make for comfortable living and can look commercial. When we light a room our objective is to get rid of gloom, to have enough light to feel happy.
Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer

[on first impression of a hotel] This can be one of cheerfulness or gloom because color which is so inexpensive, is what does the trick. Not color alone but color plus imaginative lighting and cleverly[sic] grouping of the furniture. You say you have an old lobby that nothing much can be done with? Oh yes it can!
Dorothy Draper, Hotel Bulletin

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