The right flooring can mean the difference between a perfect room and a design failure. Here's the latest news and views on hot flooring trends.

...I couldn't work the way I do if I didn't have a shop. Geoffrey Bennison taught me that you need to be a dealer to be a decorator. It's another interest, cross-fertilization. It's not that I depend on stock, but it does mean that people bring things to me. An entire room could begin with an atmospheric carpet or fabric or object. It feeds something in.
Robert Kime, Architectural Digest

I had learnt from going to Houghton that to make a room quiet, to make it harmonious, you never wanted to have only one 'mouvement' thng like the Savonnerie rug that would stand out. You must have 'mouvement' everywhere.
Nancy Lancaster

Madeleine Castaing pretty much had it all figured out--leopard carpet looks good anywhere.
Robert Kime, Architectural Digest

The decorator should be responsible for the design of the carpet and the textile furnishings.
Jeannette Meunier, La Revue Moderne

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